Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The Easter Incident

On a recent grocery shopping trip I was drawn into the Easter aisle by the lure of chocolate, chocolate, and more chocolate. I decided then and there to put together a little Easter Basket for Jim. He doesn't often eat candy, but there are a few choice items that he has weaknesses for.

While I was perusing the candy and hand selecting Jim's favorites, I noticed some cheap toys. On a whim I added Silly Putty to my cart.

Jim loved it. He hadn't played with it since he was a kid, but the physical and emotional reconnection he made with the gooey, stretchy toy was instantaneous.

I can't explain what happened next other than he was sitting next to me on the sofa watching Stand By Me, quietly playing with his new toy, and this happened.

He tried to pull it off but the heat from his arm made it impossibly sticky. It was like hot gum.

Lucky for him, I had already read up on such possibilities on the Internet. There are hundreds of pictures of little kids with Silly Putty in their hair. No pictures of 39 year olds with it in their arm hair that I know of until now.

So, out came the olive oil which worked like a charm.

(Thanks sweetheart for letting me tell your story!)



Lynn said...

Too freaking funny!

Mom said...

I've NEVER heard of that happening before. Too funny, I laughed so hard. Thanks for the laugh Jim!!!