Monday, April 6, 2009

Boxer vs Cat

We have 4 neighbors that butt up against our backyard. We don't always remember their names so we have made-up names we use privately so we know who we're talking about. We do this often and for a number of applications.

We're not exactly creative with our nicknames. Our neighbors include (for the sake of this blog) Hippie Lady, Crazy Lady, White Trashies, and New People. New People are subject to being renamed.

The White Trashies moved in a few weeks ago and promptly put a small dog pen up against the corner of their yard that is adjacent to our yard. In this pen is a very large, barky Boxer.

Boxer treed a cat today.

Jim noticed the cat in the tree around 2:00. I didn't take a picture of the dog pen, but it is directly under the cat.

This next picture was taken around 7:00 pm. Cat is still there.

I have a feeling Cat is going to have a long night, and if Boxer ever notices it, Jim and I will have a very long night listening to him.

Good Luck Cat. We're pulling for you.



Siddharth said...

very honest blog...Im from a different country ( India) and I have been to the States ( was in Phoenix for 2 years) and still feel that good honest people are the same all over the world. Your blog is a nice bit of sunshine in a dark world. Keep posting...

Angie said...

Thanks Siddharth for reading! Love your comment!

Lynn said...

I am so way too emotional to read this, poor kitty! I miss Caliope so bad..... must go to Indiana and pick her up, ASAP!

Bryan and Samantha said...

Your blogs make me laugh out loud. You are absolutely a Chaves--more honest than necessary and Meadows--able to make any situation funnier than it actually is. I am pulling for the cat too!

PS did you get the recipes?

Angie said...

Thanks Samantha (just assuming those are compliments)! I didn't get the recipes so you seriously must resend to me.
BTW, hope you had an awesome Birthday!

One more thing, in case you were all curious, Cat was gone this morning. I'd like to think he waited until dark and made a run for it.