Thursday, April 23, 2009

Angie vs Mother Nature

The outdoors are beckoning me.

"Plant something Angie. Look, the trees are budding. It's time."

Our backyard has an apple tree, a pear tree, and a plum tree. They're beginning to show signs of life once again. The strawberry garden is also teasing me with their silky green leaves.

I must remain steadfast. Mother Nature is trying to trick me with the lure of beautiful days and sprouting plants.

She better watch it. I still haven't forgiven her for all the snow that caused my trees to do this.

No, that's not a real snake. The strawberry garden was constantly under attack from a bunch of dirty birds last summer and that was my attempt to scare them away. It didn't work.

Another grudge I'm holding against Mother Nature.



Lynn said...

I am so confused, where's your grass?

Angie said...

That's the back garden area, It's fruit trees and plant beds surrounded by gravel. The yard is to the right of the strawberry beds.