Thursday, March 5, 2009

Stupid skinny jeans

I think it's common practice for every female to have "fat" clothes and "skinny" clothes. Right?

Well, I have been avoiding the obvious for the last 3 months. I have worn my "fat" jeans daily. I told myself it was because they were more comfortable, but the reality was I couldn't get my fat butt into my skinny clothes anymore.

I have no delusions about ever being a size 2. Not gonna happen. However, I have been trying to eat healthier. Not dieting per say, just not eating crap all the time, only sometimes ; )

So yesterday, I decided to put aside my ego and try to pour myself into my "skinny" jeans. And by pour, I mean tug at the loop holes to the point of breaking threads while jumping up and down. Trust me, this is only a slight exaggeration.

I did manage to get them on (and even button them!). It would have been really cool if I had put these now super tight jeans on to reveal a Boo-TAY like J Lo or Kim Kardashian, but no. No such luck.

While getting these jeans on was a personal victory, there was no way I would be caught dead exposing my rump in it's current condition, so I covered myself with a nice, long jacket.

But at least I got them on.


Lynn said...

Good job lovey! Sometimes ya just have to do "Fame" style dance moves to get dressed! BTW, I promise I am gonna blog tomorrow night! Vaca update, etc...
PS, I'm sure your rump looked great! : P

Alan and Connie said...

It's a personal challenge sometimes isn't is Sis? I know all about literally jumping into your jeans. Just stay motivated, and I'd say that you are on your way. You have to give all that up for one week while I am there though!!! Love ya