Monday, March 23, 2009

Paula Deen, Mormons, and Michael Jackson

Today I worked in my home office which equates to nothing interesting to talk about, so instead, I will be enlightening you with completely arbitrary thoughts that are rooting around in my brain.

I wish I had one of these because everyone knows the best part of the brownie is the edge.

I still don't completely understand how they convert wind and water into electricty. Jim keeps trying to explain, but it just won't sink in. Then I get frustrated because he's still trying to explain and I want him to stop.

I wonder if Paula Deen takes Lipitor.

I don't agree with Mormon's but they're just about the nicest people to be around and I admire their conviction.

I wish the newsies would stop talking about the economy. We get it already.

I wonder if Michael Jackson will make a succesful comeback. He's freaky but I'm pulling for him.

I really don't like the word "drawer." Drawer. Draaaawer. Nope, don't like it. It sounds ridiculous and should be boycotted.

Thank you for allowing me to get these things off my chest. I feel better.



Lynn said...

When I hear the word "drawer" I automatically think of underwear... just thought I would throw that out there! SO, when customers call to complain about the "drawer" not being right, my immediate thought is, "Well, maybe you should change them dumb@%$!"
I'm just saying......

Angie said...

Ha Ha!
You should really say that once just for fun.

Bryan and Samantha said...

I agree that Mormans are the nicest people. I taught a family that had 21 kids (so I had at least 2 of them for about 6 years) and I used to say, that if I would take a classroom full of mormans over a classroom full of baptists any day! Especially if a few of th baptists were Roussell kids... HA!

Angie said...

Hey Sam! Thanks for commenting on me 'ol blog!