Saturday, February 14, 2009

The Garbage Can

It's really not easy being clumsy all the time, but I manage it nonetheless.

On Thursday I did my normal day off thing, bum around the house (watch Golden Girls, etc) and then got some groceries.

Let me break away from my story for a second to bring up this old question: If no one is in the forest to hear a tree fall, does it make a sound? Of course it does, that's a ridiculous question.

But if no one's around to see a clumsy Angie, does she still bungle up something? Not sure. It seems to only happen when there's a witness. But I digress...

On Thursday, Jim left to get Dr John's car so he could bring it back to the house to work on it. I had plans to get groceries while he was gone. Being the faithful Golden Girls watcher that I am, I didn't end up leaving until right at the time Jim was pulling into the drive. He told me to back out so he could get Dr John's car in the garage. That's when it happened. I backed squarely into the garbage can.

This garbage can is only on the street one day a week. I usually only drive one day a week (at home). The probability of this happening at the exact moment Jim was in the street watching me back up is minuscule, but I was still able to pull it off. It wasn't a little tap either. I sent that sucker flying. I clearly won the battle with the garbage can, but I didn't get away unscathed.

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Alan and Connie said...

You are so your mother's daughter!!