Tuesday, December 9, 2008

I know

Yes, loved ones, it has been too long since I updated you.

Yes, I'm still alive. No, I don't want coal for Christmas.

We had a relatively quiet Thanksgiving here in the Janca house. Big Jim came over and we did the whole turkey thing. The best part of this day was listening to the Jim's hysterically laughing outloud as they watched Lampoon's Christmas while I was happily cooking in the next room.

I made them take this family photo with me....

I'm still struggling with getting into the Christmas spirit this year, BUT I DO HAVE A PRESENT UNDER THE TREE! That would be one present folks. I have NO idea what to get my Jim this year... I'm taking suggestions if you have one!!

Right now I'm waiting for the Jim's to get home from Kellogg, ID. Big Jim bought a new truck (again). We're going out for pizza when they get back. I don't know if there are Roundtable Pizza Restaurants back home, holy cow, they are the best pizzas ever.

Well, my love just walked in. Time for dinner!!!


Lynn said...

Yay for a blog being posted before I got home... just like I asked (told) you to do! Loves ya bunches!

Alan and Connie said...

About time!! I so need a life, I come home everyday to see if anyone has blogged. It is actually the high point of the day. Nice picture by the way. Miss ya terribly!!!