Monday, December 29, 2008

Here we go again

We woke up to MORE SNOW again this morning. Now, I appreciated the white Christmas, and yes, it is beautiful, but enough is enough!

We got another 8.3" today which brought the December total to 59.8". That's a whole human!

Today is the first day of the first week of the New Year. Did you realize that? I'm really wanting to participate in this thing called Project 365. It's basically an easy, non-scrapbook way to record every single day for an entire year. Wouldn't it be really interesting to look at a year of your life 10 years from now? Maybe you'll consider joining me??????

Click on the link if you want more info!


Alan and Connie said...

I would agree, enough is enough. Jim looks like he has been swallowed up by the snow!! I watched the 365 blog, it looks interesting. If you find out more about it, let us know. I just know that Lynn will want to do it too!!

Lynn said...

Okay, so I am really tired and suffered from a case of ADD when I started listening to the girl on the link, do.... How about you call me tomorrow (I'm off!) and tell me about it! See, win/win situation, we get to talk AND you can tell me more about Project365!