Monday, November 24, 2008

Holiday Woes

31 days until Christmas.
I have nothing done.
No gifts. No gift ideas.
No Christmas Cards to send.
Jeez! What's up with me this year?
I do have the tree up and the stockings hung.
I've also been working on a Daily December scrapbook that details each day leading up to Christmas. (I'll post those pages in December as they're done)
I gotta get myself together!
Maybe I'll brave Black Friday this year.
Notta chance.

Monday, November 17, 2008

He said, She said

Just for fun, I made a little list of our favorites:

Favorite Candy:
Angie: Whatchamacalit
Jim: Hershey's Bar

Favorite Smell:
Angie: Cinnamon
Jim: The Ocean

Favorite Holiday:
Angie: Christmas
Jim: President's Day

Favorite Color:
Angie: Black
Jim: Black

Favorite Magazine:
Angie: Creating Keepsakes
Jim: JP Jeep Magazine

Favorite Movie:
Angie: Elizabeth
Jim: Charley Varrick

Favorite Restaraunt:
Angie: Nakato
Jim: Olive Garden

Favorite Comfort Food:
Angie: Ham and Beans
Jim: French Dip Sandwich

Favorite Thing About The Ozarks:
Angie: Family
Jim: Ticks

Favorite Thing About The Northwest:
Angie: Great Weather
Jim: Ocean and Mountains

Favorite Hobby:
Angie: Bookmaking
Jim: Cars

Favorite Thing Today:
Angie: Didn't Have To Leave Home
Jim: Got The Apple Tree Done

Favorite Golden Girl:
Angie: Dorothy
Jim: Dorothy

Favorite Time of Day:
Angie: Late Morning
Jim: Late Afternoon

Favorite Random Dumb Thing:
Angie: Office Supplies
Jim: Family Guy