Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Happy Birthday Baby!

In honor of Jim's birthday today, here are 5o reasons I love him...

1. I love that we have sayings that only we understand.
2. I love that you make up silly words to songs.
3. I love that you say "I Love You" before we go to bed and during every phone conversation.
4. I love that you make me take vitamins.
5. I love that you make friends everywhere you go.
6. I love that you are smart, but not pretentious.
7. I love your laugh.
8. I love that you aren't embarrassed to show affection in public.
9. I love that you are friends with Jeremy.

10. I love that you won't eat leftovers or generic food.
11. I love that you scratch your head when you're sleepy.
12. I love that you still find me attractive.
13. I love your kissable lips.
14. I love listening to you reminisce.
15. I love that you can fix absolutely anything.
16. I love that kids gravitate toward you even though they make you uncomfortable.
17. I love that you call me Turdela.
18. I love that you wake up happy every single morning.
19. I love that you take me to the airport at 4:30 in the morning so I don't have to park in the scary parking garage.
20. I love that you strive to be a good christian.
21. I love that your face is scratchy when you kiss me.

22. I love that we bake cookies together every week in the winter.
23. I love that you are conscientious about your appearance (no ear or nose hairs!).
24. I love that you love for me to rub you.
25. I love that you talk to my Mom on the phone.
26. I love that you yell at me when I don't floss.
27. I love that you're humble.
28. I love that you remember where you were when you first heard a song.
29. I love that you watch the same old movies and TV shows over and over.
30. I love that you are contemplative.
31. I love that you want a puppy.
32. I love that you are always writing or drawing things on me.
33. I love that you wanted to take care of your Dad.
34. I love that you eat icy pops with me every night.
35. I love that you tell me you miss me when I'm away.
36. I love this sweet rear end and the body that goes with it.

37. I love that you roll yourself up in the covers.
38. I love that you still think farts are funny.
39. I love that you make me coffee in the morning to help wake me up.
40. I love that your hair is a crazy mess in the morning and you look 10 yrs old.
41. I love that you make me feel comfortable and safe.
42. I love that you are the most fun person to be around.

43. I love that we write each other love notes.
44. I love your handsome face.
45. I love that you laugh out loud when you watch something funny.
46. I love that you don't get mad that I keep losing cameras.
47. I love that our legs are always touching when we go to sleep.
48. I love that we hold hands in the car.
49. I love that you are my best friend.
50. I love that you love me back.
Happy Birthday Sweetheart. I love you in a million ways.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Nothing Special, Everything Special

Today was a wonderful day of nothingness. I got to sleep in then lazily get ready while drinking cup after cup of coffee and watching Golden Girls (one of my all time faves).

Jim and I had lunch at Olive Garden (another Angie fave) then did a little light shopping. Jim was happy to find the final movie to complete his Dirty Harry DVD collection.

I read one time that when you think back on the happiest times in your life, it's not typically a Birthday or a Christmas or another "big" day that you think of. It's the little everyday things that mean the most. Today was like that.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

A Week of Birthdays

Wednesday was my 31st Birthday. Jim made me a wonderful Birthday Cake (complete with tons of sprinkles) and I finally got a new camera to replace the one I lost. I researched cameras for several weeks before I finally decided which one to get. It's a Sony DSC H50 and I LOVE IT!
Yesterday was Big Jim's 76th Birthday. So, we had MORE cake (yum). He just had some blood work done and he's healthy as a horse, not even high cholesterol which is pretty amazing because he eats bacon or sausage almost daily.

And finally, today is my Mom's Birthday. I'm pretty sure I'd get in trouble if I revealed her age on this site, so let's just say she's a year older than she was, but as beautiful as ever. I wish I could give her a big hug and kiss, but we're in Washington and she's in Missouri. A phone conversation and long distance love will have to do for now. Love you Mom.